Biodiversity as part of your company's strategy

LIFE Key is a platform that centralizes in a single place all information regarding your company’s relation with biodiversity. It offers metrics that guide decision-making to effective nature conservation actions and reduction of impacts.

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Unlocking biodiversity

Understanding and effectively managing the risks associated with biodiversity loss is critical to the longevity of businesses and operations. Created to guide companies in this trajectory, LIFE Key is a tool that allows, in a clear and objective way, the evaluation of impacts, goals, engagement and results in biodiversity conservation.

Using LIFE Key your company effectively incorporates biodiversity into its management system.

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Biodiversity management in a single, online, and collaborative environment

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LIFE Certification for Business and Biodiversity

A concrete solution that leads companies that voluntarily assume their responsibility for the conservation of biodiversity.

Get this recognition and incorporate this competitive differential into your brand.

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Focus on Biodiversity

Local, national, and international conservation priorities are considered, as well as specificities of the region where you company is located.

Impartial and transparent

Certification is granted by accredited Certifying Bodies, through independent audits. Results are publicly available.

Biodiversity Credits

Calculates and enables biodiversity credits complementary to decarbonization targets and ESG agenda.

Synergy with other initiatives

The certification provides biodiversity metrics compatible with the main financial indices and corporate sustainability initiatives.

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Biodiversity in the ESG agenda

Positioning your brand on ESG themes generates value and increases consumers and stakeholders trust in your organization.

Energy efficiency, use of natural resources, waste management, climate change and biodiversity are some of the criteria considered in the environmental (E) aspect of the ESG.

Why is ESG important?

Investors, financial analysts and investment funds are seeking companies that have outstanding practices in the environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) areas.

Having robust and reliable parameters is necessary to obtain concrete answers and highlight your company in the current global demands for corporate strategic positioning.

How is Biodiversity related to ESG?

More than 50% of the global economy depends on natural resources. The consequences of biodiversity loss directly influence social and economic indicators. Without biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides, the costs of business operations would become unfeasible.

How does LIFE Key help implement ESG?

LIFE Key consolidates the indices of greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, land use and occupation, energy consumption, waste generated and waste recycled. In addition to these basic environmental management parameters, LIFE Key offers LIFE metrics on biodiversity performance, which reflect the balance between the pressure exerted by the company's activities and the implemented conservation actions.

What is the value added to my company by choosing LIFE Key?

LIFE Key provides a solid base for implementing ESG environmental parameters. It substantiates the organization's genuine commitment to the 2030 ONU Agenda.

In addition, it assists in decision making and the optimization of investments by measuring the "biodiversity balance", evaluating the results of conservation projects and their capacity to compensate or even surpass the company's pressure on biodiversity. Additionally, when the company is “nature positive” in this balance, it can be recognized through LIFE Certification (granted by a third party audit).

Why should I insert biodiversity and LIFE Key into my business model?

This is the perfect timing for companies to become protagonists in the implementation of concrete and effective biodiversity conservation actions to guarantee the longevity of their businesses, reduce risks to operations and stand out in the global market.

LIFE Key guides companies on this journey, optimizing decisions and investments, enabling transparency in communication and data disclosure and facilitating communication with stakeholders.



plans for companies

Compatible with different types and sizes of organizations

Category I

Small businesses and organizations*.

Basic plans with limit of Business Units and users.

Consult us to know the options of plans and pricing.

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Category II

Medium and large organizations**.

Plans starting at U$3,000/year.

Adaptable to the total number of Business Units registered to the system.

Number of users scalable as needed.

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The LIFE Key Web System is in beta implementation phase, with new features and upgrades being made constantly. Plans and pricing can be adjusted and released as new updates are made. Contact us for more information.

*Companies and institutions with gross revenues of up to U$850,000/year.
**Companies and institutions with gross revenue equal to or greater than US$850,000/year.


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Become a LIFE Consultant

Be a reference consultant in business and biodiversity. Offer consultancy for using the LIFE Key platform and preparing companies for LIFE Certification for Business and Biodiversity. Add this competitive differential to yours and your client’s portfolio.


LIFE Institute

Founded in 2009, LIFE Institute is a non-profit standard setting organization responsible for the development and management of LIFE international methodologies and their certificates: LIFE Business and Biodiversity and LIFE Sustainable Territorial Management.

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LIFE Institute Headquarters house located in a nature grove in Curitiba, Brazil